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takeaway menu

entree menu

Mixture of spiced peas & potatoes stuffed triangular pastry & deep fried
Onion Bhaji$6.00
Sliced onions battered in chick pea flour & deep fried
Kofta Fried$7.50
Dumplings made of ricotta cheese and potato mixture and deep fried
Chicken Tikka$9.90
Tender boneless chicken marinated in tandoori sauce and smoke roasted in oven
Malai Kabab$9.90
Tender boneless chicken marinated in tandoori and cashew nut sauce then smoke roasted in oven
Butter fly prawns$11.50
Panko crumbed prawns deep fried and served with creamy tomato flavoured dip
Tandoori Chicken Full size and Half Size$20.00 - $15.90
Fresh tender chicken marinated in tandoori sauce then smoke roasted in oven
Mixed Platter (per person)$11.90
(minimum 2 people) Samosa ,onion bhaji,chicken tikka, butterfly prawns served with tamarind & mint sauce
Garlic & cheese bread$8.00


Vege Korma$15.90
Mixed vegetables cooked in spices and Korma sauce
Kadhai Veg/Paneer$15.90
Mixed vegetables/paneer Cooked in freshly ground spices and distinct flavour of capsicum.
Chana Masala$15.90
Chick peas cooked with mildly spiced thick onion, garlic & sliced capsicum
Dhal makhni$15.90
Mixed beans cooked in creamy tomato sauce with mixed spices
Aloo Gobi$15.90
Potato and cauliflower cooked with onion ginger and garlic sauce
Shai Paneer$16.90
Delicious royal curry made with cottage cheese cooked in thick gravy of onion and cashew nut finish with cream
Butter Paneer Masala$16.90
Paneer cooked with tomato, onion, sliced capsicum and masala.
Palak Paneer$16.90
Puree of spinach cooked with cubes


Goan Fish$16.90
Fish fillet cooked in lightly spiced coconut flavoured sauce
Masala Fish$16.90
Fish cooked with tomato, onion, sliced capsicum & masala flavoured sauce
Prawn korma$20.90
Prawns cooked in a delicious mixed nut sauce and lightly spiced.
Butter Prawns$20.90
Shelled prawns cooked in special creamy tomato flavoured sauce
Please advise if large or small serve is required when ordering takeaway meals. All main courses served with rice.


Beef Korma$16.90
Dish prepared in herbs, spices and mixed nuts sauce, garnished with sliced almonds.
Beef Vindaloo$16.90
Beef cooked in a hot vindaloo spicy sauce straight from Goa.
Beef Masala$16.90
Beef cooked in onion, ginger, garlic, lightly spiced sauce.


Butter Chicken$16.90
Chicken tikka cooked in exotic, spicy, creamy tomato flavoured sauce.
Tikka Sawadee$16.90
Chicken tikka cooked in cashew & almond thick sauce with lightly spiced
Mango Chicken$16.90
Chicken tikka cooked in delicious mango flavoured creamy and lightly spiced sauce.
Tikka Masala$16.90
Chicken tikka cooked with tomato & thick onion sauce & diced capsicum
Chicken Jalfrezi$16.90
Diced chicken cooked with tomato, green and red peppers
Kadhai Chicken$16.90
Chicken cooked with freshly ground spices, capsicum & Kadhai fried.


Rogan Josh$17.90
Tender lamb cooked in garlic, ginger, onion and mixture of spices.
Lamb Navabi$17.90
Lamb sautéed with onions, tomatoes and mildly spiced creamy sauce.
Lamb Madras$17.90
Diced lamb cooked in mixture of spiced and coconut flavoured sauce.
Sag Gosh$17.90
Diced lamb cooked in a puree of spinach and mixed spices

Naan Breads & Rice

Plain naan bread lightly buttered.
Wholemeal bread.
Garlic naan$3.50
Naan stuffed with garlic.
Garlic & cheese naan$4.50
Naan stuffed with ricotta cheese and garlic.
Spinach & cheese naan$5.00
Naan stuffed with ricotta cheese & spinach
Sweet naan$4.50
Stuffed with saltana and sweetened coconut.
Papadam (6 pieces)$3.00


Plain Rice $2.50
Coconut Rice $3.50
Vegetarian Biryani$16.90
Chicken and Lamb Biryani$20.90
Raita, Mango Pickle, Mango Chutney$2.50


Mango Ice Creamn$5.50
Gulab Jamun $6.00