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dine inn menu

entree menu

Mixture of spiced peas & potatoes stuffed triangular pastry & deep fried
Onion Bhaji$6.00
Sliced onions battered in chick pea flour & deep fried
Kofta Fried$7.90
Dumplings made of ricotta cheese and potato mixture and deep fried
Chicken Tikka$9.90
Tender boneless chicken marinated in tandoori sauce and smoke roasted in oven
Malai Kabab$9.90
Tender boneless chicken marinated in tandoori and cashew nut sauce then smoke roasted in oven
Butter fly prawns$11.90
Panko crumbed prawns deep fried and served with creamy tomato flavoured dip
Tandoori Chicken Full size and Half Size$23.00 - $17.90
Fresh tender chicken marinated in tandoori sauce then smoke roasted in oven
Mixed Platter (per person)$11.90
(minimum 2 people) Samosa ,onion bhaji,chicken tikka, butterfly prawns served with tamarind & mint sauce


Vege Korma$18.90
Mixed vegetables cooked in spices and Korma sauce
Kadhai Veg/Paneer$18.90
Mixed vegetables/paneer Cooked in freshly ground spices and distinct flavour of capsicum.
Chana Masala$18.90
Chick peas cooked with mildly spiced thick onion, garlic & sliced capsicum
Dhal makhni$18.90
Mixed beans cooked in creamy tomato sauce with mixed spices
Aloo Gobi$18.90
Potato and cauliflower cooked with onion ginger and garlic sauce
Shai Paneer$18.90
Delicious royal curry made with cottage cheese cooked in thick gravy of onion and cashew nut finish with cream
Butter Paneer Masala$18.90
Paneer cooked with tomato, onion, sliced capsicum and masala.
Palak Paneer$18.90
Puree of spinach cooked with cubes


Goan Fish$18.90
Fish fillet cooked in lightly spiced coconut flavoured sauce
Masala Fish$18.90
Fish cooked with tomato, onion, sliced capsicum & masala flavoured sauce
Prawn korma$21.90
Prawns cooked in a delicious mixed nut sauce and lightly spiced.
Butter Prawns$21.90
Shelled prawns cooked in special creamy tomato flavoured sauce
Please order your choice of condiments and rice with your meals. If you have any allergies, let your waiter know before ordering.


Beef Korma$20.90
Dish prepared in herbs, spices and mixed nuts sauce, garnished with sliced almonds.
Beef Vindaloo$20.90
Beef cooked in a hot vindaloo spicy sauce straight from Goa.
Beef Masala$20.90
Beef cooked in onion, ginger, garlic, lightly spiced sauce.


Butter Chicken$20.90
Chicken tikka cooked in exotic, spicy, creamy tomato flavoured sauce.
Tikka Sawadee$20.90
Chicken tikka cooked in cashew & almond thick sauce with lightly spiced
ButteMango Chicken$20.90
Chicken tikka cooked in delicious mango flavoured creamy and lightly spiced sauce.
Tikka Masala$20.90
Chicken tikka cooked with tomato & thick onion sauce & diced capsicum
Kadhai Chicken$20.90
Chicken cooked with freshly ground spices, capsicum & Kadhai fried.


Rogan Josh$21.90
Tender lamb cooked in garlic, ginger, onion and mixture of spices.
Lamb Navabi$21.90
Lamb sautéed with onions, tomatoes and mildly spiced creamy sauce.
Lamb Madras$21.90
Diced lamb cooked in mixture of spiced and coconut flavoured sauce.
Sag Gosh$21.90
Diced lamb cooked in a puree of spinach and mixed spices

Naan Breads & Rice

Plain naan bread lightly buttered.
Wholemeal bread.
Garlic naan$3.50
Naan stuffed with garlic.
Garlic & cheese naan$4.50
Naan stuffed with ricotta cheese and garlic.
Spinach & cheese naan$5.00
Naan stuffed with ricotta cheese & spinach
Sweet naan$4.50
Stuffed with saltana and sweetened coconut.
Papadam (6 pieces)$3.00


Plain Rice $2.50
Coconut Rice $3.50
Vegetarian Biryani$16.90
Chicken and Lamb Biryani$20.90
Raita, Mango Pickle, Mango Chutney$2.50


Mango Ice Creamn$5.50
Gulab Jamun $6.00