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Masala Means Spices

Indian spice and herbs are one of the most important forms of natural foods.
Besides their culinary uses these days, these spices were a vital part of indigenous Indian system of medicine. Their healing benefits were unlimited and it was used frequently to cure depression, inflammation, migraines, rheumatism, respiratory and any placebo treatment they could think of. That’s how these spices became a part of India’s daily diet and timeless tradition of Indian cooking. Each masala adds its own unique aroma, taste, flavor, color and pungency to the food. As you know India is a vast, diverse, migratory and multicultural country. Indian food varies from north to south east to west. Our chef has selected the most popular dishes from this diversity. Our team is committed to serve you the very best from the Indian cuisine. We thank you for your support. Please like us on our Facebook page! Masala Indian cuisine Rockhampton.

"Remember you don’t have to have it hot!"

Our Top Rated Dishes

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A delight for non-veg & veggie lovers! We have variety of food to choose from. Our wide range of delicious non vegetarian and veg food will suit your taste buds.

naan breads

Nothing is better than homemade bread and that applies to this Indian-style Naan Bread, so simple to make, yet so delicious!


If you love Indian food, chances are that you will have tried some of these popular Indian curries. There are number of Mouth Watering Indian Curries That You Have To Try At Least Once.

Group Special(Min 4 People)

On Tuesday and Wednesday, you can avail our Group Special offer on Pizzas if you will dine in with minimum 4 people.

Awesome Lunch

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Soothing Dinner

We are open for dinner after 5PM till late from Tuesday to Sunday.

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Who are in extremely love with eco friendly system.